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Green Thumb Lawn & Landscape proudly offers a variety of industrial services for businesses and developers in Central Kentucky.

Silt Fending Installation:  Silt fence is a lightwight, durable erosion and sediment control product used on construction sites to help protect the surrounding environment. The uniquely designed fabric allows water to filter through while retaining soil particles, silt, and debris on job sites, keeping nearby roads and highways safe. It also protects rivers, lakes, and streams from underwater soil build up.

Erosion control:  Green Thumb provides professional erosion control and management services in Central Kentucky. With decades of experience, we bring solutions to your most challenging projects. We are equipped to handle soil stablization, erosion control, dust control, water drainage, run-off, and other construction site requirements.

Drainage correction and repair:  The area in and around your construction site should drain properly. Diagnosing drainage issues begins with a topographical analysis that will reveal existing drainage problems and identify any potential issues that could occur durring and after construction. Whether you need pre-construction drainage or post-construction drainage repair, give Green Thumb a call for all your drainage correction and repair needs.

Site finishing and establishment:  Construction and site finishing go hand-in-hand. If you're managing an industrial site, you want everything from low maintenance to curb appeal. Green Thumb can help you in all aspects of of site finishing and establishment.

No matter your industrial need, give Green Thumb a call today at (270) 469-9000.

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